Attention all Dispatchers, an Update on Adobe Flash!
As you know, Flash is currently unsupported by all major browsers. To maintain the use of FSM while we roll-out the new Scheduler; we created a separate version of the Viasat Browser specifically designed to continue working with FSM. Dispatchers must use the new FSM Viasat Browser for a short period of time after 12/31/2020. Technicians, Sales-Only, Quality Control, Warehouse and CSRs remain unimpacted. If you already have the Viasat Browser, you will first need to uninstall it, then reboot, before installing the new one. To download, click on your OS: <a href=''target='_blank'>Windows</a> Or <a href=''target='_blank'>Mac</a> For questions, please email <a href="">FSM Administrator</a>! Stay tuned and stay safe!
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